Scientists in Japan Clone 98% Pure Saber-Tooth Tiger

Japanese scientists have successfully cloned a 98 percent pure Saber-Tooth Tiger at the Japanese government-funded laboratory, Riken Center for Development Biology.

The baby,  named "Ryu" is said to be in good health and is currently being monitored 24 hours a day by a team of 6 specialists. Tests are ongoing, but it has been confirmed that the baby is 98% pure Saber-Tooth.

The team hope to begin work on the second cloned Saber-Tooth Tiger within the next 2 months and when the two reach maturity, they will be breed naturally. This will create a second generation with 98.4% pure Saber-Tooth DNA.

After as little as 6 generations, they hope to have a 100% pure specimen and begin the first global captive breeding program for previously extinct animals.sabertooth

The project already had a massive investment pool. Recent news has sparked interest from finance moguls from around the world.

"There has been a large interest from Saudi Arabia in setting up an exclusive deal to house the first pair of Saber-Tooth tigers." - Said Dr David Lai of Riken Center for Development Biology.

So how exactly does one go about cloning a Saber-Tooth Tiger? The scientists replace the nuclei of Mountain Tiger egg cells with those of a Saber-Tooth Tiger, producing embryos with Saber-Tooth DNA. Then, those embryos where planted into the womb of a Mountain Tiger for delivery. The Saber-Tooth cells then form internal organs, skin, bones and blood.

Finding well-preserved tissue with an undamaged gene was the most difficult task, the researchers said. They managed to strike lucky when a team drilling for natural gas in Siberia came by a strange reading on their ground radar, which later turned out to be a perfectly frozen Saber-Tooth Tiger. From here we had a straight shot at successfully cloning a Saber-Tooth.

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