About Us


Mogul.ws is a renowned online gambling review website. It has an extensive database of online casinos, expert reviews, and user reviews. The reviews of mogul.ws are written by users, and all content is checked for community standards. You can write reviews in any language. If you don’t speak English, the site automatically localizes them for you. Another addition to the search feature is Custom Reviews. These reviews are written by users and contribute to an overall user rating.

The goal of mogul.ws is to help players make informed decisions about online casinos. By providing unbiased information about a casino, they inform visitors and do not pressure them to play. Mogul.ws also has educational content, a Complaint Resolution Center, and a Global Self-Exclusion Initiative. The site even offers a fair gambling codex. It also has affiliate relationships with several online casinos, so all reviews are not biased.

The team at mogul.ws plans to continue improving the website and the industry. Specifically, they will focus on player safety. They will also expand their educational goals to include employees at casinos. The goal is to help make online gambling a safer place for both players and casinos. With a reputation for being fair and honest, mogul.ws will continue to be a top online casino review website. While it has been around much longer than its competition, its growth is encouraging.